The Brentwood Wine Society was established in 1986 to help members improve their experience, understanding and enjoyment of wine. At our meetings, invited wine experts present samples of wines from a country or region of the winemaking world. Our aim is to present wines that perhaps are not so well known, or which possibly have not been considered to buy because of price, unfamiliarity with the grape, blend, or the country of origin. Through these tastings, we have broadened interest which has led to a deeper knowledge and love of wine. We do not sell wine and the Society is not a drinking club. We meet on the second Tuesday of most months at Shenfield Parish Hall and currently have a membership of around 50 people.

What your fee covers Tastings covered by your membership fee covers wine and cheese at nine meetings. These are February which is our AGM and lasts usually half an hour, followed by a fun tasting. Then in March, April, May, June, July, September, October, November we hold monthly meetings usually with an outside presenter who will talk about a country or occasionally about a grape variety. He/she will usually bring eight wines for us to taste.

The other months:

January we choose a region and sample some really high quality wines to get the new year off on a high note.

August we have our summer party which is a buffet meal with wines included.

December we have a Christmas Dinner at the Mount Avenue Banqueting Suite, where, in 2016 we celebrated our 30th anniversary.

Other events Additionally to our regular meetings we also arrange events such as dinners, often at Marygreen Manor with wines paired to each dish. These events are linked with improving our knowledge of how wine affects food.

Occasionally we also organise a holiday giving opportunity to spend time together whilst enjoying our love of wine. In May 2016 we visited Italy staying in a superb hotel at Radda in Tuscany. Under the leadership of our accompanying wine expert, Robert Hammond, we tasted some of the most prestigious wineries in the Chianti region of Italy, many accompanied by wonderful food to bring out the full beauty of the wines.

Our year runs from January to December with fees due 1st January each year. The fee for 2020 is £100.00. If you join part way through the year the first visit is free, followed by a part payment for the tastings still to come in the year.

We hope this clarifies the aims of Brentwood Wine Society. Since our formation, many of us have become friends with a common love of wine, its origins, production, trends. We have learned new grape varieties, enjoy exploring new tastes, purchase wines more wisely. We welcome you to our World of Wine.